About me:

Fabian Alexander Kommoß

art historian & art mediator

lives and works in his hometown of Berlin. Awarded a scholarship by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Merit Foundation), he graduated in East Asian Art History and Japanese Studies at the Freie Universität, writing his Master’s thesis on “the reflection of seeing” based on a zen-buddhist portrait sculpture. He is currently working on a PhD which examines the visibility of the unvisible in zen-buddhist art.

About the gallery:

The idea of ‘an art of seeing’ which was delevoped as a result of Fabian’s personal background and also from his experience as an art mediator, is central to the gallery: on the one hand, artistic objects are able to turn perception and perceptibility into the subject of visual debate, on the other hand, an art of life itself can be revealed in which the aim is always to see things as different and new.

With insight into the impossibility of an art autonomous from temporal and subjective experience, it is precisely the individual work of art which should be brought into focus. This can also reflect the individual taste of the collector. Gallery Kommoss would actively encourage subjectivity. That means in times of a hyped art market you should trust your own judgement of taste. Or as Emil Preetorius said: „A work suits me, so it has quality, (…) the work has quality, so it suits me.“

The gallery will provide a platform for East Asian art with the combined purposes of commercial mediation, scientific contribution and aesthetic sensitivity. Therefore a format is chosen in which art historically evaluated sales exhibitions, a personal passion for collecting and individual views alternate and complement each other. Gallery Kommoss also wants to offer collectors of East Asian art the opportunity to prepare their own collection and make it virtually accessible to an interested audience on its homepage.


Contact me: info@galeriekommoss.com


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